TCS8400 and TCS8401

  Miniature Lighting Sequencer/Controllers

  • Easily connects to your new or existing circuits

  • Incredible 'real fire' flicker effect

  • Connect up to 8 lighting circuits 

  • Dim and/or flicker any circuit, at any time

  • Set up 8 different sequences

  • Each sequence can have up to 63 pattern steps

  • Each pattern step can be set from 1 second to 4 minutes 15 seconds in one second increments

TCS8400  8 channel, 8 sequences,  63 steps per sequence, random flicker and dim on any circuit - any time, individual sequence step times set by you 



Picture illustrates the TCS8400

 Designing a sequence...

A pattern is set up where each of the circuits are independently set to off or one of three levels of brightness; there is also the option of any of the circuits flickering randomly at any level of brightness - like REAL fire;

  • After the first pattern is set up a time of 1 to 255 seconds is set

  • The next pattern is then set up, and again a time

  • This continues for as few or as many patterns as you like up to 63

  • Design and setup - up to 8 different sequences and select any one at any time by a single button press!

What's REALLY neat is that the controller remembers everything - even with the power off, and starts up with the sequence that it was running through when it was turned off!



Channel Outputs

8 8
Connections Twin mini terminal blocks Twin mini terminal blocks
Output Levels off, dim, brighter, full on off, dim, brighter, full on
Output Extras random 'real fire' flicker - any output level (not off!), any circuit, pattern and sequence random 'real fire' flicker - any output level (not off!), any circuit, pattern and sequence
Output Drive 1 output - 500mA 4 outputs - 300mA 8 outputs  -180mA ALL Outputs - 3A (8A max)
Input Supply 5 to 30V DC 5 to 30V DC
Sequences 8 8
Patterns per Seq. 63 63
Indicators 14 14
Buttons 12 12
Size 130mm x 80mm x 25mm 180mm x 80mm x 25mm
Fixings 4 x 3mm holes/rubber feet 4 x 3mm holes/rubber feet
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